From Retail Design to Best Practice

As Samsung solidified its brand, it also wanted to create a presence that stood out from other companies in Best Buy’s mobile section. Instead of relying on existing planograms, Samsung leaned on Ignite’s shopper marketing and retail expertise to envision an entirely new way to shop.

Envisioning a New Way to Shop

Best Buy had never allowed a third-party vendor to permanently take over part of their store floor. So, we worked to solidify a Samsung/Best Buy relationship that would help us craft the perfect in-store destination. We then developed the vision of how the space would work within the store’s planogram, creating branded retail structures that included custom tables, innovative product stands, and integrated display collateral.

Everybody Wins

With Best Buy’s blessing, we implemented several collaborative projects over a two-year period to bring the Samsung Experience Shop to life. In addition to retail design and wayfinding support, our teams enhanced the consumer experience with on-device videos, retail mobile applications, and “silent sales associate” product interactions.

Gets permanent, customer-centric floor
space to show off its product offerings.

Gets unique traffic driving spaces, extended
customer engagement, product
interactivity, and incremental sales across
the Samsung product portfolio.

Get a focused, engaging, and easy shopping
experience that allows them to look, learn,
play, ask, and buy all in one space.

Samsung Paved the Way

This dedicated Samsung Experience Shop was installed in 1,300 stores nationwide with footprints up to 23 feet by 20 feet. These were so successful, they opened the door for other product categories to create branded experience spaces at Best Buy locations.

“This is a very meaningful development from the customer standpoint. It is an opportunity to touch, feel, and learn about great products and how they work together.”
–Hubert Joly, CEO, Best Buy